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2020 NSBP Conference Welcome

  • Greeting and Welcome to NSBP 2020! 

    I am delighted to welcome you to the National Society of Black Physicists 2020 Annual Conference!  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s conference will be held virtually on November 5-8, 2020.  In spite of this, we have a compelling technical program and an exciting list of speakers presenting and debating cutting edge science. Additionally, we have provided online venues to allow for ample opportunities to connect with our exhibitors and with other scientists at all professional levels from around the world. This conference is co-hosted with Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Associated Universities, Inc. Funding for this conference is provided by the National Science Foundation.

    This year, NSBP defined “Achieving the Vision: From First Principles to the Future” as the theme for the 2020 Annual Conference.  Our mission, or first principle, of NSBP is to promote the professional well-being and excellence of African American physicists and physics students within the international scientific community and the society-at-large.  We strive to develop and support efforts to increase opportunities for our members in physics and to increase their numbers and visibility of their scientific works.  Historically, this multi-faceted professional support has been given to conference attendees at our face-to-face conference. The global pandemic has forced NSBP to consider how to deliver on these first principles in our annual conference in a new yet effective manner. In a COVID environment, methods of interaction such as virtual instruction, remote collaboration and mentorship, increased importance on simulations and computational research with both experimental and theoretical researchers, etc., have become commonplace. NSBP is embracing this new and uncertain future. This new world COVID has forced us with its emphasis on virtual connections will allow for NSBP to more easily create a sense of community many of our members require to flourish professionally in the future. 

    One of our continuing goals this year and in this conference is to actively partner with other sister organizations in providing research, educational, and mentoring efforts directed at underrepresented educational and research institutions, specifically historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Our involvement with various workshops, meetings, and conferences with these organizations ensures the diversity and inclusion of minorities in new physics research, opportunities, and enables our members to connect and persist in physics at their host facilities or institutions.  Moreover, NSBP is committed to inspiring, sharing and connecting with the public, particularly the black community at large. Our community and our organization has always used adversity to become stronger and more effective; this pandemic will be no different in the life of NSBP and our members.

    The Program Committee has provided a vast forum for everyone to interact, engage and expand partnerships through its five days of scientific and educational sessions, exhibitions, and interactive networking opportunities. Everyone is encouraged to join as a member and/or associate to be actively involved in the planning and/or execution of any current or forthcoming NSBP initiatives. We welcome you and appreciate your participation in NSBP 2020. We are looking forward to connecting with everyone as we collaborate to Achieve the Vision while focusing on First Principles to the Future.


    NSBP Forever!


    Stephon Alexander, Ph.D.

    NSBP President

  • Brookhaven National Laboratory, 2020 Conference Cohost
    Welcome from Laboratory Director Doon Gibbs

    It is a great pleasure for the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory to serve as cohost of the 2020 National Society of Black Physicists Conference. For decades, NSBP has been a tremendous resource for its members, and for the physics community at large. The strength of NSBP is marked not only by its collective influence but also by its individual members, who proactively shape the culture of science and change the demographics of physics and physicists.

    As a collective body, NSBP has played a pivotal role in encouraging the persistence of black students in physics and related disciplines. Its impact is evident in the growing numbers of students participating in recent years. We hope that these students will consider Brookhaven Lab and the entire DOE complex for internships and eventual employment, and we encourage graduate students and professionals to submit proposals to our user facilities.

    About us: Brookhaven National Laboratory delivers discovery science and transformative technology that power and secure the nation’s future. Primarily supported by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science, Brookhaven is a multidisciplinary laboratory with seven Nobel Prize-winning discoveries and more than 70 years of pioneering research.

    I encourage you to learn more about Brookhaven, its mission, and its people by watching the video “This is Brookhaven Lab” at www.bnl.gov/about. This conference also provides an excellent opportunity to get to know many of our partner DOE labs and about DOE itself. Please avail yourselves of the virtual meeting and chat rooms to ask questions, network, and connect with other scientists who can help shape careers and discuss possible collaborations on future scientific projects. Welcome to Brookhaven. Have a productive and enjoyable conference!

    And stay safe.

    - Doon Gibbs Director, Brookhaven National Laboratory