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Mercedes Richards

February 7, 2017

The National Society of Physicists honors Dr. Mercedes Tharam Davis.

mercedes richardsDr. Mercedes Tharam Davis was raised in Kingston, Jamaica. She received her BSc in Physics from the University of the West Indies before moving to Toronto, where she earned her MSc (at York) and PhD (U Toronto) in astronomy.

Early in her career, she worked at the University of Virginia. Later she joined the faculty of Penn State University, where she served as assistant department chair.

Prof. Richards was well known for her pioneering work in tomography of binary star systems and CVs. Her research was recognized with a Fullbright Distinguished Chair, and the Institute of Jamaica's Musgrave Medal. She also served as President of IAU Commission 42, a Councillor of the AAS, and organized numerous international conferences.

Dr. Richards passed away in 2016.